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Silhouette - 2019
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DATES: April 28, May 11, June 23, July 28, August 25, September 22, October 27

LOCATION: Columbia Rifle Range.

ELIGIBILITY: Competition is open to the public. NRA membership is not required.

TIMES: Sight-in from 8:00 am to 8:45. Match begins at 9:00 am

MATCH FEES: $10.00 per 40 round match. Junior shooters (born 1999 or later) are $4.00. If you have not shot Small bore Silhouette at Green Valley before, match fees are waived for your first match!

COURSE OF FIRE: Two 40 round matches, with a break in between for lunch.

Matches can be shot in the morning, after lunch, or both.

A 40 round match consists of 10 rounds total at each of the four animals: chickens at 40 meters, pigs at 60 meters, turkeys at 77 meters, and rams at 100 meters All targets are 1/5 size.

AWARDS: Cash awards will be given to the first place winners in each class. 50% of the entry fee will be returned as cash awards or drawings...

RULES: NRA rules apply and NRA classification will be used. NRA scorebooks are required and will be available. (A once per year purchase of $13.00). "Artificial support" rules and regulations will be enforced. Eye and Ear protection are required.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:  Smallbore_Rifle_Silhouette.doc   23.5KB   2434 downloads    SGB_Silhouette.docx   12.1KB   1758 downloads  

PRACTICE TARGETS:  smallbore_rifle.pdf   17.5KB   1810 downloads  

If you need results from any previous seasons not listed above, please check the Discipline / News Archives.

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