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Silhouette - 2024
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  • April 28
  • June 30
  • July 28
  • August 25
  • September 29
  • October 27
LOCATION: Columbia Rifle Range #8.

ELIGIBILITY: Competition is open to the public. NRA membership is not required.

TIMES: Sight-in from 8:00 am to 8:45. Match 1 begins at about 9:00 am. (We usually wait until all competitors are sighted in).
At the conclusion of Match 1 we break for lunch and conversation.
Match 2 is shot at the conclusion of lunch. The Match 2 start time will vary due to the number of shooters and the time required for lunch.
Shooters may shoot just the first match, both matches, or just the second match.

MATCH FEES: $10.00 per 40 round match. Junior shooters (born 2004 or later) are $4.00. If you have not shot Small bore Silhouette at Green Valley before, match fees are waived for your first match!

A 40 round match consists of two banks of 5 animals with chickens at 40 meters, pigs at 60 meters, turkeys at 77 meters, and rams at 100 meters. All targets are 1/5 size, and are arranged in two rows (banks) of 5 animals. All shooting is done from the standing position and without the use of slings or artificial supports. Following a 15-second "Ready" period you have 2 1/2 minutes to shoot the first of two banks (rows) of 5 targets, with one shot per target, in order, from left to right. After a 30 second pause there is another 15 second Ready and another 2 1/2 minutes to shoot the 2nd bank of 5 targets. You count for score each animal knocked off the rail. Eye and ear protection are to be worn while shooting.

AWARDS: Cash awards of 25% of the class entry fees will be given to the first place winners in each class. 25% of the total entry fees for Match 1 and 2 will be awarded by random drawing to a shooter from each match.

RULES: NRA rules apply and NRA classification will be used. Eye and Ear protection are required.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:  Smallbore_Metallic_Silhouette_2024-02-02_1.jpg   635KB  ( 17 downloads   )  Smallbore_Metallic_Silhouette_2024-02-02_2.jpg   293KB  ( 16 downloads   )  Smallbore_Rifle_Silhouette.doc   23.5KB  ( 4525 downloads   )  SGB_Silhouette.docx   12.1KB  ( 3376 downloads   )

PRACTICE TARGETS:  smallbore_rifle.pdf   17.5KB  ( 3476 downloads   )

If you need results from any previous seasons not listed above, please check the Discipline / News Archives.

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