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- last updated 2023-11-27 17:28:29

The club offers different types of membership, with different fees, privileges and requirements associated. The following table summarizes the membership information. For details, refer to the membership application  membership_app_2024.pdf   91.3KB  ( 200 downloads   ).

Annual$250/yrStandard membership, with voting rights. There's a $25 initiation fee. May work off up to $50 by participating in club work days.
LifeContact the club officeSame as annual, but with one-time fee.
Senior$83/yrStandard membership, with voting rights. Any member who is 65 years of age or older and who has been a member for the preceding five years shall pay dues equal to one-third of the normal annual dues. There is no workday deduction for senior membership
Associate$125/yrMust live outside of Boone and adjoining counties. No voting rights.
Group/corporateVariesContact club if you want your group/corporation to use the range


To apply, fill out the membership application (  membership_app_2024.doc   37.5KB  ( 192 downloads   ) or    membership_app_2024.odt   35.1KB  ( 109 downloads   ) or    membership_app_2024.pdf   91.3KB  ( 200 downloads   ) ) and mail it to the club's address, along with a check and supporting documentation (detailed on the application). For those who will need to apply for membership using the "Name Search" method, here is a link to the gvimages/AdobePDF.jpg Missouri State Highway Patrol form SHP-158( 7887 clicks )

Membership Renewal

If you are an existing member and you need to renew your membership, fill out the renewal form (  membership_renewal_2024.pdf   117KB  ( 90 downloads   ) ) and the waiver form (on page 2) and mail them both to the club's address, along with a check .