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Midwest Glock Regional Championship - ROs NEEDED!
- gssf

Hello everyone!

Mark your calendars! This year's match is August 21-22, 2021.

As always, we will be setting up on Friday but we will be changing up the time a little due to work schedules. We will be setting up this year at 3pm on Friday, August 20th prior to the RO meeting. The RO meeting will be held in the clubhouse at 7pm. This will hopefully give our helpers enough time to grab dinner between setup and the meeting.

The match will start on Saturday, August 21st at 9am. I would like all ROs to be there no later than 8:30am in order to get tents and targets in place. The match day will end at 4pm or last shooter (whichever comes first).

The match will continue on Sunday, August 22nd at 9am. Again I would like all ROs to be there by 8:30am. Registration typically closes by 2pm and the match will end after last shooter. Cleanup, raffles and prize table to follow after last shot.

As always, tell your family and friends about the match.

Thank you all for your help year after year making this one of the best matches held and one of two of the oldest matches in GSSF history!

Please let me know if you have any questions.



If interested, please contact gvimages/Email.jpg Amanda Williams( 1377 clicks ) .

About Green Valley Club

The Green Valley Club's informal origins date back to the 1930's with target shooting on "Green Valley" Drive in Columbia, MO. The organization was formally incorporated in 1955 and the original Wyatt Lane shooting range was purchased that same year.

The Columbia, MO area played a major role in the creation of practical shooting as a discipline. It was here that IPSC was started. The first IPSC champion, Ray Chapman, went on to establish the Chapman Academy in Hallsville. The Chapman Academy was purchased by the club in 1994.

The club annually hosts the Bianchi Cup, an action pistol event attended by top national and international shooters. Other sanctioned events include Missouri State IDPA Match, State bullseye match, Glock regional match, and Cameron Cup Action Pistol match.

The club offers various other training opportunities: NRA classes, MO CCW, and visiting instructors. We have several active disciplines which hold matches several times per year. Even though there's something going on every week, many of the 300+ members simply use the facilities for their personal practice.

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