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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Some questions are asked enough times that they bear repeating for the benefit of everyone. We will try to answer them here.

Also, be sure to check the Forums News thread for additional tips/hints.

  • Green Valley FAQ - last updated Sep 06 2014 08:37 AM

    Q: I registered with the forums some time ago but still haven't received the validation email. What happened to it?
    A: It may have gone to your email program or webmail junk/spam folder. Please be sure to whitelist/safelist gvshoot.com in your email program as some people have reported that our domain may be flagged as a spammer. I will usually manually validate most accounts if I notice that they still haven't self-validated after a couple of days.

    Q: I've registered with the forums and I'm a member of Green Valley, so why does it show me as a "Friend of Green Valley"?
    A: All new forum members when initially registered and validated are listed as a "Friend of Green Valley". This is a limited access authorization group. Once a user is verified against the club member list, they will be assigned to the proper authorization group which will give them additional access to club member only areas.

    Q: When I registered with the forums, I was not yet a member of Green Valley. I have since joined the club. How do I go about updating my account to show that I am a member of Green Valley?
    A: Send a PM to the forum admin stating that you have joined the club and need your account updated. Once you have been verified against the club member list, you will be assigned to the proper authorization group which will give you additional access to club member only areas.

    Q: What is a PM?
    A: PM is short for Private Message. This is a way for forums users to communicate with each other privately without having to post publicly in an open forum or via email.

    Q: How do I read my PM's?
    A: In order to check your PM's, click on your user name in the upper right hand corner of the page. Clicking on your user name will drop down a menu which includes the "Messenger" which is where you can access your PM's.

    Q: Another member says they sent me a Private Message (PM), but I can't get to my messenger to read it. What am I doing wrong?

    Q: I was previously able to view a certain area of the forums, but I am no longer able to view it. Why is that?

    Q: When I click on some of the links on the web site, I get an error message something like "[#10CCS3] You do not have permission to view this page.". Why is that?
    A: Are you logged into the web site? Guests/visitors have limited web site viewing capabilities. Registered users, especially club members, have access to additional areas that unregistered visitors do not have. If you have registered with the web site, you should make sure you're logged in every time you visit the web site in order to access those areas that you are authorized to access.

    Q: I don't have Outlook so I am unable to utilize the iCalendar file available from the Calendar page. Can we get the PDF calendar back?
    A: Outlook isn't the only program capable of viewing iCalendar files. Mozilla Thunderbird is an email program that also views iCalendar files (and it's FREE). You might also try the View the entire year in calendar format page. The interactive online calendar is best in most cases as it reads the iCalendar file natively, so it will always be up-to-date with any changes made.

    Q: I don't see the "Add as friend" or "PM this member" next to my user name, how do I add these?
    A: You can only add other members as friends or PM other members so you will not see these options listed when viewing your own user profile.

    Q: What is "enable automatic DST detection"?
    A: Selecting to automatically detect "Daylight Saving Time" will ensure that the time and date shows correctly in the forums when the time change takes place in the Spring and Fall.

    Q: Some times some of the web site pages don't display correctly. Then a couple of days later, they look fine. Why is that?
    A: As with many web sites today, we use javascript (JS) and cascading style sheets (CSS). If I make changes to those files, such as changing or adding an element attribute, pages that use those elements may not render properly until you click the refresh button. This reloads the updated version of the file. Other times the browser will automatically load the new version after a certain period of time (hours/days). Also, different browsers may render web pages differently. For instance, I use Mozilla Firefox which renders certain elements differently than say Internet Explorer or Chrome or Opera.